Gary Pepper Vintage


Gary Pepper Vintage is the vision of Nicole Warne, renowned Australian blogger, photographer, model, and all-round Aussie fashion icon. With a prolific online presence, a strong, ever-growing social media following, and an increasing amount of revenue being generated via vintage clothing sales, Nicole approached Tolstoy to help grow this community and develop a platform for self-promotion and online sales.


Starting with a fresh approach, Tolstoy developed a new identity to reflect Nicole’s love for exquisite vintage clothing and all-things-sweet. This aesthetic was carried seamlessly throughout the website and branding collateral, creating a unique yet-clean-design, allowing Nicole’s images to take centre stage. The primary focus was to connect the social media, blogging world and online store together - to create a powerful hub for the accelerating GPV brand.


Carl Kapp

Printing Collateral and Website


Branding and Website